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Math Testing
Performance Tracking!

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MathTrac lets you instantly assemble and administer on-screen tests in the basic math tables (whole-number addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) for your elementary-aged children or students, and keep comprehensive records of their performance!

You can decide the type of math operation, the number of questions, the number range of the top (first) operand and bottom (second) operand, and the amount of time available to take the test. Then, you have the option of printing a practice test, or giving an on-screen practice test (with instant feedback as your child answers the questions), or an on-screen documented test that is summarized when the test is finished and posted to your child’s performance file!

The real value of MathTrac for you, as the parent or teacher, is its ability to clearly show you the overall performance history of your child’s math abilities. Using both performance lists and graphs, MathTrac instantly provides you with an unambiguous and meaningful summary of your child’s rate of progress, which types of math need more practice, and much more.

Easy to learn and use, MathTrac is an outstanding educational assistant for both your home and in schoolrooms as well! So if you are a parent (or grandparent) of a young child trying to master his/her math tables, or if you are a teacher looking for a great way of administering basic math tests and keeping track of the results, MathTrac is easily the best software you will find anywhere, and at a great price, too!

Download and install the latest full-featured version MathTrac (at no cost, of course) for review, and discover for yourself what a tremendous positive impact MathTrac can have in improving the essential basic math skills of your children or students.

$15 - Contact RAD Software for multiple licensing arrangements & volume discount options. Terms and Conditions

The latest full-featured review version of MathTrac can be downloaded at no cost right now by clicking the CD icon at top.  If you want to order MathTrac online with a credit card, click on the Credit Card icon at top.  If you would rather order MathTrac by other means, click on the Ordering Options link for more assistance.