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Book Lovers!

Are you a book lover?  Or does your church or business have a library that it maintains?  If you have a collection of books that you value, then you will love MyBooks!


Capable of handling over 30,000 entries, MyBooks is perfect for the home collector, church, or business library.  With powerful searching features, MyBooks instantly find one book or provides sub-lists of books by any search criteria you wish!

MyBooks has been recently enhanced and upgraded to make it even more powerful and easier to use than ever.

Download MyBooks and see why it has been an all-time favorite for over a decade now!

The latest full-featured version of MyBooks can be downloaded and installed on your computer at no cost right now by clicking the ‘Free download’ icon at the top of this page. Upon installation, it will run ‘like you own it’ for 30 days. After 30 days, it will continue to run, but certain features of the software will become limited.

At any point during or after the initial 30 days of use, you have two options:

1) You can uninstall MyBooks using the convenient one-click uninstall option, with our sincere appreciation for reviewing our software, or

2) You can purchase and apply a License Key# which will register and unlock the software for fully-featured unlimited use. You will not lose any data entered prior to applying a License Key# to the software.

If you want to license MyBooks for unlimited use for only $10, please click the ‘Buy Now’ button below...


Contact RAD Software for multiple licensing arrangements, upgrade discounts, and volume discount options. Terms and Conditions

If you would rather order MyBooks by other means, click the Ordering Options link for more assistance.


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